Get the Right Help with Diabetes Management at Ortho Injury & Wellness

The best way to manage diabetes is to have an expert support team guiding you to optimal health. Our healthcare team at Ortho Injury & Wellness in the Lithonia area offers expert guidance on weight loss, nutritional counseling, medical care and more to help you manage diabetes and keep its impact on your life to a minimum.

3 Ways We Help You Manage Diabetes

There are myriad ways to manage diabetes. We’ve narrowed it down to what we believe are the three most impactful and beneficial ways to help you achieve optimal health: blood sugar balancing, weight management, and eliminating nutrient deficiencies.

Blood Sugar Balancing – There are so many ways to balance blood sugars without having to resort to drugs. Based on what your body tells us, we guide you through dietary habits, including remembering to stay well hydrated, reminding you to sleep and destress, and offering totally doable exercise programs. Your body will thank you for showing it some TLC.

And if your body is showing signs of struggle, we offer a 10-day detoxification program that serves as reset for your system.

Weight Management – We implement the doctor-supervised ChiroThin weight loss program. We skip crazy workout regimens, unhealthy shakes and prepackaged meals, and ditch the pills. Instead, we guide you through your trips to the grocery store and fill your cart with calculated amounts of anti-inflammatory foods ranked glow on the glycemic index. An anti-inflammatory, low-glycemic diet coaxes your body to convert stored fat into energy.

Nutritional Deficiency Correction – It takes only one nutrient deficiency to create a biological environment where your body refuses to shed fat. We analyze your blood for the missing pieces and guide you through a blend of supplementation and dietary habits to help you get on track.

Get Expert Help with Diabetes Management in the Lithonia Area

We take a holistic approach to your health, meaning we treat the body as a whole to help you achieve optimal health and wellness, both mentally and physically. We offer a variety of treatment solutions we can customize to fit your needs and help you establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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