Trigger Point Injections Shown Beneficial Pain Relief

A trigger point is a painful knot in your muscle that often makes the affected area hard to move. They can manifest as tension headaches, tinnitus, or pain in your back or joints. What’s tricky about trigger points is that they occur in one place while causing pain in another. The effect often leads to skeletal misalignments as the tightness pulls strongly on your bones.

Ortho Injury & Wellness in Lithonia offers trigger point injections to help provide pain relief. Our nurse practitioner has extensive training on and experience with trigger point injections, making us the go-to clinic in the area.

Understanding Trigger Points

Trigger points often occur in posture-related muscles, developing due to repetitive motions or trauma to the area. Poor posture, a sedentary lifestyle, nutrient deficiencies, poor sleep, and joint issues also create trigger points. We see it a lot in people with desk jobs.

You know you have trigger point pain if it’s chronic and you’ve lost range of motion. You may not even be aware of the range loss if you’ve been living with it for a long time.

Treating Trigger Points With an Injection

Trigger point injections provide pain relief by coaxing tissue to release tension in the area that’s created a trigger point. Injection ingredients include a local anesthetic, saline and sarapin, and pain relief is immediate following injection. In the rare case tissue still needs help relaxing, we’ll administer a second injection.

Many people experience lasting pain relief after trigger point injections. To extend those results at home, here are a few habits:

  • Regular relaxation techniques
  • Short daily stretch routine
  • Posture mindfulness while standing or sitting
  • Avoid painful postures and repetitive tasks
  • Optimized workspace ergonomics
  • Daily balanced diet
  • Listening to your body for triggers

Receive Precision Trigger Point Injections in Lithonia

Our nurse practitioner, Laquay Jones, RN, MSN, ANP-BC, recognizes the need to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to health and total body wellness to her patients, families and the community. Her scope of practice encompasses health promotion and disease prevention and management of chronic and acute common health conditions.

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